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Student & Parent Handbook


It may be necessary to have an abbreviated school day in the case of severe weather conditions, or other emergencies.  The decision for an abbreviated day lies with the Superintendent, not the school.  Listen to the radio, or watch the news for notification of abbreviated day schedule or check APS website.  Our abbreviated day schedule will begin two hours later than our normal start time.  The buses will run on a two-hour delay and the cafeteria will serve lunch.


877-1279 (press 2)                          

Please call by 8:00 a.m.                 

If your child is going to be absent, please call the attendance line to inform us, the morning of the absence.  If you can’t call in the morning, be sure to call within 24 hours.  Only the student’s parent/legal guardian may report an absence. If you do not have a phone, please send a note with your child upon his/her return.  This note needs to be presented to the attendance secretary to receive admittance to class.

Absences are recorded as EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED.  EXCUSED absences are defined by the Albuquerque Public Schools as:

  • Doctor’s appointment

  • Illness(including chronic illness documented on a health plan, IEP or 504 plan)

  • Death in the Family

  • Limited Family emergency

  • Religious commitment
  • Diagnostic testing

  • Limited Extenuating circumstances – as agreed to by the administration 1 week prior  to absence

  • Suspensions    

“Excessive absences or unexcused absences, defined as ten or more absences per semester, may result in recommendation for retention, loss of credit, dis-enrollment, and/or, disciplinary action.  Absences resulting from short-term suspensions, or authorized absences such as those approved for participation in athletic or extracurricular events, are not to be included when evaluating absences.

*For information regarding make-up work for students who have been absent see “make-up work”.



All students may attend after school games, however, students must be in uniform and remain in the gym at all times.  If students leave the gym they will not be allowed reentry into the gym and will be asked to leave the campus.  Please arrange to pick up your students immediately following the school activity.


Students may ride their bicycles to school.  The locked bike parking area, next to the cafeteria must be used to store bikes while school is in session.  Students are not permitted to ride their bikes on campus.  Students can ride their skateboards to and from school.  Skateboards are stored in the front office during school hours.  Students may not ride their skateboards during school hours.


The Harrison Cafeteria and Snack Bar are operated by APS Food Services.  Breakfast and lunch will be served daily, provided that we are operating on a normal day schedule.  Breakfast is served from 7:45 until 8:05 every morning.

Because over 90% of Harrison students qualify for free or reduced price meals, we do not charge any of our students for breakfast or lunch through our cafeteria.  We also offer a variety of foods and beverages at our snack bar.  There is a charge for each item.

All students must carry their lunch card or student ID in order to receive their lunch.  Students that do not have their card will be asked to go to the no-card line so that they can enter their ID number manually which take more time.  Replacement cards can be purchased in the school workroom for $5.00.


Harrison Middle School students are prohibited from driving a car to or from school.



Students may not use cell phones or other electronic devices during the school day.  If cell phones are seen during the school day they may be confiscated by an adult and held in the office.  Parents may pick up phones/other electronics in the office on Mondays and Wednesdays (only) between 3:15 and 4:00 pm.


Parents are encouraged to visit classrooms at Harrison.  All visitors must report to the main office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass.  While you may observe classes, please refrain from conversing with teachers or students during class time.  You may only converse with your child while out of class.



Harrison maintains a closed campus.  Students are not permitted to leave campus without prior approval from the administration.  Once a student has arrived on campus he/she must remain until school is dismissed.  Parents must sign children out during the school day in the attendance office – a picture I.D. is required.  Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence for that student.  Students may not be checked out after 2:30 p.m. unless administration has approved the emergency request.


Federal law requires that the circumstance surround individual students remain confidential.  We cannot discuss students other than your child with you.  In addition, you may not approach and/or confront someone else’s child.  If you have a concern, which you need, addressed please contact your school administrator. 



Conferences with teachers and counselors will be scheduled at a parent’s or the school’s request.  If a conference is desired, parents should call the counseling secretary at 877-1279 ext. 50801.  Conferences are normally scheduled before school, or immediately after school.


Harrison has two counselors available to help students.  Counselors provide the following services: mediation, schedule changes, grades, transfers, attendance, classroom presentations or any personal problem, he/she may wish to talk with a counselor.  Because of the number of students the counselors have to serve, they do not provide intensive therapy, but will be happy to refer students, and/or parents to various agencies. 


All enrolling and withdrawing occurs through the counseling office.  The child’s parent or guardian must accompany the child for enrollment or withdrawal.  Please contact the counseling secretary to verify information needed prior to enrolling your child.  All immunizations must be current before a child will be enrolled at Harrison.  When withdrawing, students must return textbooks, agendas and/or pay for lost or damaged textbooks, as well as, return library books and/or pay library fines.  Grades to date of withdrawal will be issued by teachers.  Student records will be released when all fines are paid.


To enrich the learning experiences of the students, field trips are scheduled throughout the year.  Before students are permitted to participate, they must complete an APS Field Trip Permission Form.

This form must be read and signed by both parent and student then returned to school before the field trip takes place.  Current medical information is necessary.  An alternate activity will be planned for any student not wishing to participate.


Directions for fire drills are posted in every classroom.  Students will follow the directions given by their teachers.  Setting off a false alarm is against the Criminal Code of Albuquerque, and is punishable by a fine of $300.00, ninety (90) days in jail, or both.  The Harrison Administration considers the setting off of a false fire alarm a serious offense.  A minimum of five (5) days suspension will result as a consequence of such action, as well as a referral to APS Police.


Gifts for birthdays or other occasions (balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, etc.) are not permitted during school hours.  If deliveries are made during the school day, the office will notify the student that they have a delivery to pick up at the end of the day.


Semester grades will be the only grades to be recorded on the student’s cumulative folder. 9-week grades are considered a report on the student’s progress for the semester.  Any questions regarding a teacher’s individual grading system should be directed to that teacher.


New Mexico law requires all students to be immunized before they can be registered for school.


In accordance with the laws of the State of New Mexico, the school district cannot assume responsibility for costs incurred in school accidents.  For this reason, the Board of Education makes a student accident insurance policy available at a small cost to all APS enrolled students through a private insurance agency.  Forms for this insurance will be given to students at registration, and will be available in the counseling office throughout the school year.


Please see the Appropriate Use Policy in your registration packet.



Lockers will be assigned throughout the year. Students must purchase their own locks.


Lost and found articles should be brought to the lost and found box in the front office.  Any article not claimed within a reasonable time will be donated to the APS Clothing Bank.  Students are encouraged to put their names on their personal belongings.


Students are entitled to make up work for any excused absence.  It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up assignments for all absences.  Parents may call the attendance office for absences of more than three days to request assignments.  Teachers will need 24 hours from the time of the request to compile assignments.  If assignments are requested in advance, the work is due upon the student’s return.  For all other absences, students will have the time equal to the days absent to turn in the make-up assignments.


The media center is a full-service resource library for staff and students.  The Harrison Media Center contains a computer lab, resource materials, and shelves of books.  Students are responsible for the materials that they check out from the Media Center.  Report cards may be held until all Media Center fines, or lost materials, are paid for.


Students who are ill should remain at home.  If a student becomes ill, or is injured at school, he/she should report to the health office.  If the nurse determines that the student needs further treatment, or should be sent home, a parent or guardian will be contacted.

All special health conditions and contagious diseases must be reported to the nurse.  Students taking any kind of medication at school must do so in the nurse’s office.  A letter, signed by a doctor, must be presented to the school nurse before medication may be retained in the nurse’s office.


Messages for students are discouraged, however, in the case of an emergency, the office will deliver the message to the student.  If a student receives a non-emergency message, he/she will be notified to pick up the message at the end of the day in the main office.


A parent newsletter will be sent by mail at the beginning of each month.  Information regarding curriculum, school activities, and other general information will be included in the newsletter.


Harrison encourages the involvement of parents in all aspects of our school.  We value parental input in the decisions that are made for your children, and know that when parents help our school they help themselves as parents.  We also know that there are many time demands placed on parents and understand that parental involvement can take many forms.  We encourage you to take advantage of the many opportunities to be involved and to check on your child’s progress throughout the year.


Student progress reports are sent on the fifth week of each 9-week period.  Parents are encouraged to call the school with any questions regarding a Deficiency Notice.  Information regarding your student’s grades or assignments can be found on iParent.


Public displays of affection on campus are limited to casual hugging and hand-holding.


Report cards are sent home with students after each 9-week grading period ends, with the exception of the last 9-week period of the year.  If a student does not receive a report card please check with the library to clear up fine. The final report card of the year can be picked up from the office after the first week of summer vacation.  If a student looses his/her report card, a copy can be made in the office.


Schedule changes will only be made for extenuating circumstances agreed upon by the administration.  All schedule changes must be approved by the administration before any change is made.  To request a schedule change, a parent must contact the counseling office.


We will require every student to carry the Agenda while at school.  These planners will be given to every student during the first week of school.  Any student who looses the planner will be charged for a replacement.  The Agenda is for the student’s planning and organization, however, it is also an excellent way for parents and teachers to communicate on a regular basis.  The Agenda is the property of the school, and should be treated as a textbook.  Agendas should not be folded, marked on, or damaged in any way.  A fine may be assessed for damages.


It is important that students be on time to their classes.  A tardy student is disruptive to the educational process, as well as a disruption to his/her own education.  Tardies will be dealt with through the discipline policy.  Any student arriving after 8:10 in the morning needs to report to the office to get his/her agenda signed.


Bus transportation for students living 1.5 miles or further from the school is a privilege provided by the District.  Students are responsible for knowing and following the rules for riding the bus.  A few of the commonly misunderstood bus rules are:  1) students may only ride the bus that is assigned to their bus stop, 2)  students may not ride a different bus to go home with a friend, and 3)  students must get off at their assigned bus stop.  Students must present their ID cards before being allowed on the bus.  Misbehavior on the bus may result in loss of bus privileges.


Possession of the following items is against APS Policy and will be dealt with to the maximum extent possible:

Alcoholic beverages, weapons, controlled substances (drugs), cigarettes, lighters, spray paint, computer cleaner, fireworks, and any other item that is meant to harm an individual or property.  Harrison has a zero tolerance policy for weapons and drugs.  Any student found in possession, and/or using a weapon or drugs may be recommended for long-term suspension.


Because of the potential for theft, damage, and/or disruption, students are discouraged from bringing valuable items to school.  This includes cellular phones, pagers, walkmans, boom boxes, computerized games, CD’s, tape recorders (including earphones), card collections, toys, excessively large amounts of money, etc.  Other valuable items that are necessary for school (instruments, textbooks, etc.) need to be marked clearly with the student’s name.  The school does not assume responsibility for any items that are lost or stolen and will not look for lost of stolen items.