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Harrison has two counselors available to help students.  Counselors provide the following services: mediation, schedule changes, grades, transfers, attendance, classroom presentations or any personal problem, he/she may wish to talk with a counselor.  Because of the number of students the counselors have to serve, they do not provide intensive therapy, but will be happy to refer students, and/or parents to various agencies. 

Nothing should stand

in the way of your child’s learning.


Nothing at all.



Substance Abuse/Addictions

School Phobia


Peer Problems

Family Crisis

Death of a loved one/Loss


Poor Social Skills

Eating Disorders

Delinquent Acts

Test Anxiety


Children should do

more than SURVIVE:


They should THRIVE!






The counselors and staff, in partnership

with parents, are committed to

providing students with experiences that

impart knowledge, attitude and skills in

the personal, social educational, and

career development of our youth.





To ensure success for every student


HMS Vision


Harrison Middle School is a community

where students:

  • meet high expectations
  • are lifelong learners
  • make responsible decisions and healthy choices
  • practice good citizenship

Counselor for all students. 6th, 7th and 8th graders.

Maestas, Reymundo